These are ancient southern African rock art paintings  enhanced with iDStretch - a tool used by rock art archaeologists to bring out pigment detail in very faded paint.

See ancient Southern African Rock Art in situ


Guided private daytrips and multiday trips
available from Cape Town, South Africa

Want to know more about how to visit these ancient art galleries?

If you'd like to see an open air gallery of stone-age rock art accessible from Cape Town -- showing a sample of some of the ancient paintings that can be found across Southern Africa -- you can arrange and book a private guided walk to see the art in situ by emailing:


This is an artistic tradition that went on for many thousands of years.


You can book a Daytrip for R2900 per person.

Or a Multiday Trip with overnighting in the mountains with accommodation options to suit your budget.

Send an email to check the different options and available dates.  



For the rock art day trip - the guided walk will take you along a short trail (5 km) to see a series of archaeological sites in the beautiful Cederberg mountains about 3 hours’ drive the from the City of Cape Town.  


You’ll see and learn about stone-age fine-line painting, therianthropes, hook heads and more. You’ll see yellow elephants, and exquisitely painted miniatures – delicate little paintings on the rock face which have lasted thousands of years! And much more.  


Why was it painted? What did they paint with? How old is this art? Who painted these open air galleries? Find out what we know about this art with Cape Town Outside.


From the trail head, an easy pathway through the African mountain wilderness links these archaeological sites. The whole place is set in a UNESCO world heritage site noted for its extraordinary plant biodiversity. Come in Spring (late August to early October) to see it in all its beauty when the wild flowers bloom and color the landscape.


This is a uniquely African experience.


For inquiries about private daytrips and multiday trips – email:

or WhatsApp: +27 76 399 37 35


Rock Art Day Trips

In winter (1 April – 30 September) we leave Cape Town around 7am.

In summer we should try leave the city around 6am to avoid the midday heat in the mountains.  After the walk we'll have lunch a local farmstore.

You’ll be back in the city by sundown, after a super memorable daytrip.  


Rock Art Multiday Trips

These are custom designed to take you deeper into magical Cederberg Wilderness Area and show you more ancient rock art on the way.


You can also book on Airbnb Experiences but it costs a bit more.