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And yet here was Matthew Cuthbert, at half-past three on the afternoon of a busy day, placidly driving over the hollow and up the hill; moreover, he wore a white collar and his best suit of clothes, which was plain proof that he was going out of Avonlea.


Your Guide

Hi, my name is Callan Emery. I'm the founder of Cape Town Outside.

I’m a professional tourist guide with specialist knowledge of South Africa’s natural heritage, ‍cultural history, viticulture, archaeology, astronomy and geology.  

I also work as a journalist and photographer, and have worked and travelled widely in southern Africa, Asia, the Middle East as well parts of Europe and South America.  

The City of Cape Town is my birth place and my home. The vast reaches of southern Africa is my place of exploration for surf, for ancient rock art, for secret mountain rock pools, for strange plants and unusual geology, for adventure...

Most of the Cape Town Outside day trips focus on the outdoors and the region’s rich natural heritage and fascinating cultural history. They are in essence exploratory, informative and knowledge-forming tours.    

We try to take you off the beaten tourist path, to show you a side of Cape Town and the surrounding region that only a few visitors get to see. This is a complex and intriguing country filled with wonderful, friendly and interesting people that make up this rainbow nation. It has a history and cultural heritage as old as mankind.  

Book a tour or speak to us about your own interests and we'll design trip especially for you.

I look forward to showing you this beautiful country.

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