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Day Trips from Cape Town, South Africa

Go Off the beaten track
from the city of cape town
With our unique private guided day trips

Strandloper trails
& secret beach walks

The prehistoric Strandlopers (literally 'beach walkers' - were the original beachcombers). From our surf exploration experience we know several exceptionally beautiful untouched beaches outside Cape Town. We'll explore these beaches with a short coastal hike. You'll learn about the Strandlopers, the original hunter-gatherers who lived along the coast of Southern Africa - and see their shell middens (archaeological sites) You'll experience the uniquely rich nature of the Cape and we'll do some beach combing on this walk in pristine coastal wilderness.

Take a day trip to the spectacular Cederberg mountains a couple of hours outside Cape town to view one the best Bushman rock art galleries accessible from Cape Town. This a guided archaeology, art, wilderness and cultural history tour. See and learn about this intriguing, finely painted prehistoric rock art in the place where it was painted by the San Bushmen hunter-gatherers many thousands of years ago.

We will  drive to the Cederberg from Cape Town (about three hours) through beautiful countryside and then walk an easy 4-5km trail to view a series of San rock painting archaeological sites. After the short hike we'll lunch at the local farm store and you'll be back in the city by evening refreshed, invigorated and inspired by this oldest artistic tradition known to man.

This is a uniquely southern African experience. And highly recommended if you are visiting Cape Town.




This tour departs 7am in the winter (1 Apr – 30 Sept)
and 6am in the summer (1 Oct – 31 March).

You'll be back in the city by sundown.




Micro brewery tour
Craft Beer

tasting trip

There are several boutique craft beer breweries dotted around greater Cape Town. They make specialised, small batch, delicious beers. You'll taste the beer and learn how it is made. We'll take you to 3-5 breweries, depending on how long you want to stay at each brewery and taste these beautiful local beers.  

We'll pick you up at your accommodation just before lunch and drop you back there at the end of the day.

The cost of the beer tasting is additional as it varies depending on the brewery and the beers you want to sample. It can be paid on location and varies between R40-R120 (about $3-$8).

The tour starts at 1pm and ends around 8pm.

The tour runs from 8.30am to 2.30pm.

R2200 per person
R2000 per person for 3 or more in the group
(max six people)


Whats included

  • Pick-up at accommodation
  • Private tour vehicle
  • Expert guide
  • Entrance permits
  • Water and snacks for the walk
  • Lunch (for your account)

Whats included

  • Pick-up at accommodation
  • Private tour vehicle
  • Professional guide
  • Entrance permits

R900 per person

(max six people)
(entrance permits included)


Whats included

  • Pick-up at accommodation
  • Private tour vehicle / guide


  • Optional lunch / dinner and extra beer for your account
  • Beer tasting
  • Brewery tour

R1275 per person R1200 per person for 3 or more in the group
(max six people)


The best stargazing in the whole wide world

Join this private guided night tour to Sutherland in the Karoo -- to see the night sky like you've never seen it before -- it's as good as it gets on Earth.

The small Karoo town of Sutherland is world renowned among astronomers for it crystal clear skies and is home to the South African Astronomical Observatory with SALT (the Southern African Large Telescope) one of the most powerful telescopes in the world. Many astronomy research centres from around have set up their telescopes here. The night sky is just so clear!

These tours run during the 12 days either side of the new moon to ensure the best stargazing.  

On this one-night two-day trip, you’ll:  

  • Stay overnight in Sutherland, and experience the kind Karoo hospitality.
  • Do night sky viewing of galaxies, stars, planets and more, through super powerful telescopes  - see Jupiter and its moons, the Jewel Box, Saturn and its rings through 16" Meade and 14" Celestron telescopes.
  • Learn how to identify stars in the Southern night sky and find the celestial south pole.
  • Learn how to take amazing astro photos with your DSLR camera – such as star trails around the south pole and star-motion time lapses .  
  • Visit the Southern African Large Telescope (SALT), the largest optical telescope in the world.      


The tour runs from 9am to 5pm the following day and is only available on the 12 days around the new moon to ensure the best night sky viewing.


Whats included

  • Pick-up at your accommodation in the city
  • Transport
  • Accommodation in Sutherland
  • Professional guide
  • Entrance permits

  • Food and drinks
  • Photographic gear

    Bad weather
  • If by chance the weather forecast is unsuitable (a rare occurrence) - we can reschedule or provide a full refund.

R5000 per person
R4700 per person for
2 or more in the group
(max six people)


An Astronomy & Astrophotography Night trip

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

A note about online booking

We use the Actvitar gateway to process all our bookings and payments. The 'Book Here' button will take you to the secure Activitar page, where you can proceed with booking. Terms & Conditions, Cancellation policy, indemnity forms (if required) are all provided on the Activitar page. Our day trips can also be booked on TripAdvisor Experiences, and some of them on Airbnb Experiences and Adventures.

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